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In the midst of the Covid-19 (coronavirus) outbreak, the CDC recommends that patients with mild symptoms stay at home.  Children with fever and difficulty breathing who meet the criteria for coronavirus exposure should contact the nearest emergency center for further evaluation and testing.

Currently Northeast Pediatrics has three testing options:

    • We have a molecular test, equal in accuracy to the PCR test, in our office which gives results in 15-20 minutes. This is for patients who have symptoms that could be consistent with Covid-19. This swab can be done via the front part of the nose, the back of the throat, or the deep nasal swab which goes to the back of the throat (NP swab).
    • We also have the ability to test asymptomatic patients with an NP swab that we send out to Beaumont laboratory and typically get the result in 1-3 days.
    • We have a rapid antigen test which is less accurate in general but can be used for patients who have tested positive on a molecular test within the past 90 days.

Please refer to the CDC website regarding up-to-date information regarding this virus and outbreak:

Pre-visit instructions

All people entering the building must wear a mask/face covering for your protection and ours.  Young children (under 2 to 3 years old) who are unable to do so are exempt. The mask should cover both your mouth and nose. Please practice social distancing while in the building. If anyone (parent or child) has cold/flu/covid symptoms - including fever, cough, congestion, runny nose, vomiting, sore throat - we will need to perform a Covid test before your visit or we will ask you reschedule your appointment.  

Covid 19 vaccine (ages 5 and up)

 The Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine has been approved under Emergency Use Authorization for ages 5 and up. Covid vaccine administration will be similar to other vaccine-only visits: Please call the day you want to come in for the vaccine and we will let you know if we have slots available.  The vaccine is a 2-dose series, given 21 days apart. We will expect you to wait 15 minutes after administration.

If you already have a physical exam scheduled and your child is eligible for the vaccine, it may also be given at that appointment.